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Tales from the Wilderness

Whiterock and the Western Rim

Posted Saturday 10th July 2021

A knoll in the Whiterock Creek valley provided the base for an exploration of the northern end of the Bogong High Plains and the surprisingly rugged waterfall-filled valleys on their western side.

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Langi Ghiran’s Hidden Heart

Posted Sunday 3rd January 2021

Langi Ghiran rises out of the flat Wimmera like an island in an ocean of grassland, and enclosed within its horseshoe-shaped summit is a hidden forest filled with ferns and moss.

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The Cliffs of Mt Stapylton

Posted Saturday 31st October 2020

One of the best daywalks in Victoria is in the Northern Grampians: a thrilling circuit through the rocky wilderness around Mt Stapylton that includes scrambling through caves, crossing ravines, and the spectacular Taipan Wall.

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Yarra Ranges Road Trip

Posted Sunday 3rd March 2019

Something different this time with two short walks in the Yarra Ranges east of Melbourne. What these walks lack in length, they make up for with beautiful fern-filled forest.

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Mt Gower

Posted Tuesday 11th October 2016

The climb up Mt Gower on Lord Howe Island is undoubtedly one of the greatest day walks in Australia. It’s hard to do justice to the amazing scenery, which includes the coast, cliffs, cloud forest, and incredible views.

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Dove Canyon

Posted Sunday 19th June 2016

Our last day at Cradle Mountain gave us just enough time for a half-day walk, so we revisited our first walk and extended it through Dove Canyon.

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King Billy Circuit

Posted Saturday 6th February 2016

After the Crater Peak walk we had enough time for a short walk and chose the King Billy Circuit, with a surprise waiting for us at the end…

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Crater Peak Circuit

Posted Sunday 31st January 2016

The day began unpromisingly with rain and no plans, but some good fortune resulted in us doing a circuit to Crater Peak via Crater Lake.

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Artists Pool and Lake Wilks

Posted Saturday 8th August 2015

After climbing Cradle Mountain we planned to spend the next day walking a circuit right around it. But then the rain closed in…

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Cradle Mountain

Posted Sunday 28th June 2015

With a sunny day forecast we decided to aim for the jewel of the park: Cradle Mountain. To make the most of the day we returned via the Face Track and Twisted Lakes.

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Lake Lilla and Crater Lake

Posted Sunday 26th April 2015

After a rainy morning at Dove Lake, the afternoon brought sunshine… The only water we saw was in the many lakes, pools, tarns, creeks and waterfalls we visited on our walk to Lake Lilla and Crater Lake.

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Dove Lake Circuit

Posted Sunday 19th April 2015

On the second day of our visit to Cradle Mountain we spent the morning walking around Dove Lake in the rain. It was more fun than it sounds, I promise!

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Pencil Pine Creek

Posted Saturday 18th April 2015

For our Easter break this year we spent six days at the Cradle Mountain — Lake St Clair National Park. To start things off we took a walk down Pencil Pine Creek.

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Fainters and Niggerheads

Posted Wednesday 15th April 2015

A few days exploring the beautiful peaks of the western side of the Bogong High Plains. Featuring spectacular views, spectacular sunsets, and spectacular insects.

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Mt Bogong via Staircase Spur

Posted Saturday 28th February 2015

Last Australia Day we set off for four days at Victoria’s highest mountain, encountering endless fog, a series of waterfalls, and a gorilla…

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